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A 5-Step Campus Living Checklist for College Students

Looking for on-campus living, college dorm room or even off campus apartment furniture?

Or maybe you could use a few decoration ideas for the apartment or campus space in need of comfort while still giving you and the roomies some friggin' space to breathe?

Futons are a great way to maximize your space for extra seating and sleeping.

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] The Kids Room Furniture Guide for 2015

Need some ideas to help you make your kids or teen's room a place they can feel good about?

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Sophisticated Futons for Small Spaces

Buying a futon for a small space is now easier than ever. Smaller sizes provide the same comfort and reliability as the larger ones. Chairs with ottomans and twin chairs that open to a standard size twin bed are our most popular.

They even lounge for reading or relaxing in a bedroom. Loveseats can accommodate two for sitting and turn into a full size bed for sleeping and also go into a lounge position. Regular full size sheets work when using as a bed.

No need to purchase anything special.

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Futons: Furniture with a Future

   What's special about a futon? It's a piece of furniture with a future. These days people find themselves in something of a dilemma. Prices are getting higher and a good sofa or sleeper sofa is expensive. But getting something too trendy or cheap is wasteful. What do you do?

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Fall is the Perfect Time for Futons

   Fall is here! Time to have friends over to watch that football game or company in town to enjoy the season. Maybe your family will take friends and family to your weekend retreat in the mountains. You'll be ready with extra seating and extra sleeping space with one great futon. For your home, that extra room, or weekend retreat, futons fit the bill. Comfortable, versatile, and easy to clean covers. Perfect for any family.

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Platform Beds: Perfect for Any Bedroom

   Platform beds are simple and beautiful and come in many different styles. You can create a contemporary, streamlined bedroom environment making any bedroom appear larger. The beds are available in both metal and wood styles to compliment any bedroom. Originally platform beds were created to give an alternative and inexpensive bed too put a futon mattress on. Today they are made to accommodate a traditional mattress too. The addition of memory foam, gel foam, and latex materials along with non-spring mattresses are a perfect match for a platform bed.

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Futons! Comfortable, Convenient, and Versatile

   Where would you use a futon? Anywhere you want comfort and efficient furniture. They really do fit anywhere anytime. Futons come in so many different price ranges, styles, colors, and materials - your choices are endless! Dress up one up for your living room or put a playful cover and pillows on your futon and put in a baby nursery. Use a wicker or light pine futon for a lake house or pool house. Home offices or studies are a popular place for a futon too. You can never tell where you will find one.

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Give Your College Student a Degree of Comfort With a Futon

   Send them to college with a futon. It is comfortable, great to study on, and when guests come to visit they have a place to sit or sleep. You know how compact dorm rooms are so futons can fit in well. Futons come in all sizes so a futon can go under your loft bed or in a corner. They have cleanable covers which is important! You know how messy kids can be. Covers can be changed too, so when you move next year a new cover can give you a new look inexpensively. You don't need to purchase another sofa again. This saves you money.

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Caregivers Deserve a Futon

   Futons are the perfect solution for giving a caregiver a comfortable place to sit and sleep. During the day it looks like a chair or sofa and at night it turns into an extremely comfortable bed. A futon doesn't have to be large or take up too much room. Futons are available in all sizes, finishes, and designs. They easily can blend into your room. Covers help coordinate your futon with your current furniture.

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Get Good zzzz's on One of These

   Getting a great night's sleep is easy on the right mattress. But which mattress is right for you? Is the memory foam too hot and hard? Is the innerspring mattress not to your liking?  Is the air mattress not supportaive enough? So, what's left to choose from? Your best sleep ever might be on one of the new hybrid mattresses floating on a platform bed or on a new foundation.

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