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Caregivers Deserve a Futon

Posted on Sat, Jul 12, 2014

   Futons are the perfect solution for giving a caregiver a comfortable place to sit and sleep. During the day it looks like a chair or sofa and at night it turns into an extremely comfortable bed. A futon doesn't have to be large or take up too much room. Futons are available in all sizes, finishes, and designs. They easily can blend into your room. Covers help coordinate your futon with your current furniture.Twin futon bed

   Many people don't consider a futon because they are unaware of the comfort a good futon can provide. The look turns off customers because they have only seen the cheaper college variety or the metal types. That's all that is sold in the mass market stores. Beautiful woods in attractive designs are only seen in stores that promote and specialize in futons. A specialty futon store carries the nice variety that I am talking about. Good futons are not cheap but are less expensive than a good sleeper sofa and much more comfortable. They offer a great value. They also are the same size twin, full, or queen size as a regular bed mattress when opened to sleep on. It should also be noted that regular linens will fit a futon. So you do not need to get anything special.

   Futons add a new level of comfort to your room for guests and caregivers while they are visiting. By making them more comfortable you'll be saying thank you in the best way. And with the right coverings and pillows futons will fit right into your living space with style.

   Visit your local futon store to see the latest in futons styles. Indulge yourself with a comfortable mattress. Finish it all off with a good looking cover and pillows. Make your company, care giver, or yourself really comfortable with just the right futon. If you are not fortunate enough to live near a futon store try calling us or going to our web site for good information on futons.

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The Rookie's Guide to Futons

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