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We are making available No Credit Check financing for our customers.


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It’s Easy to Qualify

Here are the requirements:

1. MUST have an open CHECKING ACCOUNT that has been active for the last THREE months.

  • No NSFs of excessive overdrafts.
  • Must show at least $500 deposited a month & have at least FIVE transactions to be considered active.

2. MUST be employed for the past SIX months at the same job (No temp agency).

3. MUST gross more than $1000 per month


If the appove the requirements are met, return to the store with the following documents:

1. Most recent 30- day bank statement (ALL pages, no ATM printouts)

2. Most recent paycheck stub with year-to-date information

3. Voided check of bank account verification form (Check must match the account number on the bank statement)

4. Copy of photo ID

If Self-Employed:

Simply provide the last three months of bank statements, a voided check and a photo ID

Other Types of income:
(Retirement/SS/VA/Long Term Disability)

Must provide benefit letter verifying income, last 30-day bank statement, a voided check and photo ID


There’s no need to purchase a separate warranty. All of our furniture products come with a warranty. Ask us for details.