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Futons: Furniture with a Future

Posted on Thu, Oct 02, 2014

   What's special about a futon? It's a piece of furniture with a future. These days people find themselves in something of a dilemma. Prices are getting higher and a good sofa or sleeper sofa is expensive. But getting something too trendy or cheap is wasteful. What do you do?

   Still, when you buy something nice you want it to last and be able to use it for years to come. It really makes good sense to find furniture that has both flexibility and versatility.futon furniture


   1. Look for furniture that can adapt to different spaces
   2. Choose pieces that can let you add later like drawers for storage
   3. Changing covers give you a whole new look in a new room
   4. Ability to clean and make new looking quickly and inexpensively


   1. Furniture should serve more than one purpose 
   2. Futons can serve as a sofa or a bed
   3. Make your own statement with covers for color and design 
   4. Futon mattresses give you a choice of different comfort levels
   5. Futons give you maximum flexibility by going anywhere without calling the movers. armless futon

   Futons do go or fit anywhere you need extra seating or sleeping space. Sofa sleepers can't always do that. Futons can go upstairs, around corners, and fit into small spaces. They can be built where they are suppose to go. Regular sofas or sleeper sofas are heavy, can't be moved easily and can't be recovered without a major cost. By comparison futons are more like a bed and much more comfortable with a good mattress on them.

   Consider comfort when purchasing a piece of furniture. Look for simple designs and good styling that will give you years of use. Futon covers help with this too. Each time you change where you will use your futon a new cover will create a new look with little effort and without spending a fortune. 

   The futon store always has lots of new coverings and pillows to jazz up your older futon. We ship too! Stop by our store or browse our website to find the futon for you. Call for pricing and shipping information. 901-372-8055.

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