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Futons! Comfortable, Convenient, and Versatile

Posted on Mon, Sep 01, 2014

   Where would you use a futon? Anywhere you want comfort and efficient furniture. They really do fit anywhere anytime. Futons come in so many different price ranges, styles, colors, and materials - your choices are endless! Dress up one up for your living room or put a playful cover and pillows on your futon and put in a baby nursery. Use a wicker or light pine futon for a lake house or pool house. Home offices or studies are a popular place for a futon too. You can never tell where you will find one.full wooden futon

   Now that you've decided to get a futon. What's next? Well, a futon is made up of three different components. A frame, a mattress, and a cover. Here's a quick overview.

   Frame Types
   Wood and Metal
   All wood

   Mattress Materials
   All cotton
   Cotton and Foam
   Specialty foam & Memory foam

   Covers and Pillows
   All types of fabric material
   Leather looks
   Solids and Prints

   Accent Tables
   End and Coffee tables to match
   Drawers that go underneath for storage 

   Not aware of the different types of futons available? Stop by a brick and mortor futon specialty store for current information and to see all the new products. Your choices are endless. Futons come in many different sizes so you can get one piece or a set like a sofa and loveseat or chair and ottoman to match.

    You can visit our web site for more informatiion at futonstore-memphis.com

 The Rookie's Guide to Futons

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