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Fall is the Perfect Time for Futons

Posted on Tue, Sep 23, 2014

   Fall is here! Time to have friends over to watch that football game or company in town to enjoy the season. Maybe your family will take friends and family to your weekend retreat in the mountains. You'll be ready with extra seating and extra sleeping space with one great futon. For your home, that extra room, or weekend retreat, futons fit the bill. Comfortable, versatile, and easy to clean covers. Perfect for any family.roon with a futonm

   Futons come in many different sizes, finishes, styles, and price ranges to fit your living arrangements and budget. You'll find Contemporary to Country, Casual to Formal. You can do just about anything you want in fabrics and finishes. Bet you hadn't thought about that. Change your mind change your cover. They can be changed in a snap to fit your mood. Someone spills something on the cover, no problem because all covers are cleanable. Some even wash right in the washing machine. Covers allow you to change your decor quickly and inexpensively. Can't do either of those things with a regular sleeper sofa.

   Comfort is paramount when company comes over to spend the night. With the right futon you get the comfort of a regular bed and mattress. Choosing the correct mattress is the key here. Futon mattresses are available at many different price points and types just as regular bed mattesses. Cotton and foam, innersprings, specialty foams, wool wrap and more all quality made to give you a great night's sleep. You like firm we have, soft we have it. You really can give a futon the feel you want and need for good support.

   Come check out our futons today in the Memphis, TN area. We have some great ideas for decortating. Or you can go to our website at futonstore-memphis.com to see our products on line. Yes, we do ship so feel free to call us with questions, pricing, and shipping costs.

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