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Get Good zzzz's on One of These

Posted on Thu, Jul 03, 2014

   Getting a great night's sleep is easy on the right mattress. But which mattress is right for you? Is the memory foam too hot and hard? Is the innerspring mattress not to your liking?  Is the air mattress not supportaive enough? So, what's left to choose from? Your best sleep ever might be on one of the new hybrid mattresses floating on a platform bed or on a new foundation.serta hybrid mattress

   Most everyone likes sleeping on a really comfortable mattress and others can sleep on anything, even the floor! Which one describes what you like? If you are ready to change the mattress you sleep on, do these things before you go shopping:

  • First, you need to do some research on what's out there these days.
  • Second, you need to go visit a store you trust. You need a store that has a good variety for different types to try. Sometimes there are too many and you just get confused.

   At the futon store we have selected a variety of mattresses that are moderatly priced and feel fantastic. We provide you with lots of choices; just the right number without being confusing. They all come in any size and with or without a foundation. It depends on what you need. Most stores will only sell sets.

   What's a hybrid mattresses? It is a mattress that gives you the best of both worlds. Innerpsrings on the inside with foam encasement around the edge for excellent side support. The top consists of several different combinations of memory foam, gel foam, or latex infused material. It has excellent support with body conforming, pressure relieving support. See, the best mixture from different types of mattresses. The price points are in the moderate range making them affordable for everyone.platform bed with mattress

    Get the best sleep ever on a hybrid mattress with excellent support and wonderful comfort. It works well on our platform beds or a more traditional foundation and metal frame set. When shopping for a new mattress, remember to go shopping in casual clothers so you can lie down and relax for a few minutes in the position you usually sleep in to really try out mattresses. If you have a partner, both should try out the bed together. This is the only way to make sure you get a new mattress you will enjoy for years.

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