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[FREE DOWNLOAD] The Kids Room Furniture Guide for 2015

Need some ideas to help you make your kids or teen's room a place they can feel good about?

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Design a GO TO Room For Your Child

  Want your child to go to their room? Design a room your child will want to go to. Kids need their own space with furniture designed for their comfort and needs. Today there are so many different possibilities. You want furniture that's both sturdy and will grow with your child. Your kids want a space designed for privacy, comfort and room for friends. Futon furniture fits the bill. Get extra storage drawers to hide their stuff and a trundle bed for company.

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For Summer Living

Top 3 Picks for Your Summer Retreat

1. The Katlin. This futon's white frame offers the perfect cottage feel and makes it a welcome addition to any sunroom, cabin or lakehouse.

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Loft Beds Make Big Use of a Little Space

A loft bed, designed to serve the basic functions of combined living and sleeping in a smaller space on a budget, are prefect for children, teens and adults in varying stages of life with different space and storage needs.  They combine space-saving with creative design for people who have limited space for storage, study, work and sleep.  They also offer entertaining solutions for shared kids bedrooms, and dorms while still offering style and comfort. For a wide variety of loft beds, and loft bed ideas browse our catalog.

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Boost Your Kids Brain Power With Sleep

When it comes to boosting your child’s brainpower, a goodnight’s sleep should top the list. According to sleep researchers, sleep deprivation forces a brain to work harder to perform even the simplest function. That translates to slower thought processes and less focus. A good night’s sleep before testing has been proven to increase test scores, and kids with set sleep schedules and healthy sleep patterns have been shown to make better overall grades.

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