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Questions And Answers

What is a futon? How does it differ from a sleeper sofa?
Will there be a crease in the mattress where it folds? Can I feel the bars through the mattress?
Can a futon be slept on every night?
How difficult is it to operate a futon?
How difficult is it to assemble a futon? How long does it take?
Will my mother-in-law like sleeping on a futon?
Why do I have to select three different parts? Will it save money to purchase a package deal?
How fast can I get what I want?
Are futons available in different sizes?
Why are the covers not included in the prices?
Are futons easy for moving?
How can I clean my futon cover?
How long will a futon mattress last?
If I move and need to add on or get a new piece how do I get it?
Does The Futon Store deliver/ ship?
Does The Futon Store sell other furniture besides futons?
What is a platform bed?
Does The Futon Store sell regular mattresses and foundations?
Does The Futon Store carry klick-klack sofas? How does a klick-klack sofa differ from a futon?
Will a futon cover fit on a sofa?


There’s no need to purchase a separate warranty. All of our furniture products come with a warranty. Ask us for details.