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Futons: Furniture with a Future

   What's special about a futon? It's a piece of furniture with a future. These days people find themselves in something of a dilemma. Prices are getting higher and a good sofa or sleeper sofa is expensive. But getting something too trendy or cheap is wasteful. What do you do?

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6 Misconceptions About Futons

  • Futon are Uncomfortable
  • Futons are Cheap
  • Futons are Ugly
  • Futons are Poor Quality
  • Futons are Disposable Furniture
  • Futons are Hard to Use

This all describes a futon? WRONG! Obviously you've never Seen, Sat on, or Slept on a really nice futon. Even the best decorators will use futons at times, either as the main attraction in a room or as accent seating in a living area that's meant to be muti-functional.

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Rooms that Grow with Your Child

Bunk beds, Loft beds and Futon Bunkbeds are practical and fuctional pieces of furniture for any child's room. Many bunk beds pull apart for later use as two twins. Ours have drawers or a trundle bed that will expand your storage needs or extra sleep space when needed. With a futon bunk you always have a twin or extra long twin bed on the top and a futon sofa sleeper that opens to a full size bed on the bottom. A loft bed can be arranged to have another bed, desk, chest of drawers, or just about anything you might want for underneath.

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