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Futons for Tight Spaces & Small Places

   Small spaces, loft apartments, and tight places require just the right furniture to make it seem larger and more functional. Futons are perfect for giving you living and sleeping space all in one spot. Drawers placed underneath give you extra storage too. Something like a steamer trunk or coffee table with baskets with inside storage are important. Folding or drop leaf dining tables and small scale chairs work well to make your area more usable.

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A Futon for Dad's Man Cave

   Father's Day is the perfect time to create a man cave designed for your man. Make his room perfect for recreation, hobbies, watching TV, or just relaxing after a long day at work. You don't have to have a huge area; any small bedroom or bonus room will work with the right furnishings, paint color, and accessories. Give your man a modern day refuge in which to escape. The smaller the room, the more creative you'll need to be. Going up as well as out saves room in a smaller space.

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Customer Comments About Futons

   Every week customers are coming back into our store or calling to let us know how much they love their futons. I just love it when customers let us know how our products are working for them. We wanted to share some of these stories with you. If you are a little worried about getting a futon or don't think one is right for you, you need to read this.

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Futon Bunk Beds are Cool for Kids

Looking for cool furniture for your kid's room? Something that your child will like and you will be comfortable with too? You will find futon bunk beds the answer to accommodate you both. It's a bed with a sofa on the bottom, ready made for studying, reading, watching videos, or having sleep over guests all in one great piece of furniture. You have a variety of pieces to choose from.

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6 Misconceptions About Futons

  • Futon are Uncomfortable
  • Futons are Cheap
  • Futons are Ugly
  • Futons are Poor Quality
  • Futons are Disposable Furniture
  • Futons are Hard to Use

This all describes a futon? WRONG! Obviously you've never Seen, Sat on, or Slept on a really nice futon. Even the best decorators will use futons at times, either as the main attraction in a room or as accent seating in a living area that's meant to be muti-functional.

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How to Find the Perfect Futon For You

   There are several questions I always ask customers to help them focus on what they need before purchasing a futon. Price tags alone will not give you the full story. Because futons can be modular and customizable, questions like the following are important for helping you to understand what you might need.

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Tips For Buying The Right Futon Mattress

Answering these few questions before purchasing a futon mattress will help guide you to the right mattress for your needs. It's important to understand the use of your futon to get a good mattress that will hold up over time. Some mattresses do work better on one type of frame over another. Arm heights vary and thicker mattresses won't look right on them. These are just some of the variables when choosing the right mattress.

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Win a $500 Futon Shopping Spree

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Tips for Choosing the Right Bed Pillow

Do you fall asleep feeling fine and wake up with a pain in your neck?  You might be staining your neck or neck muscles as you sleep. The right pillow is just as important as your mattress for getting a great night's sleep

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Thinking of Futons...

  I was just thinking about customers coming or not coming into our futon store because we have the name futon on the door. Futons for some reason get a bad rap. Why is that? Have you been into our store recently? Were you pleasantly surprised? Would love to hear your impressions.

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