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Sophisticated Futons for Small Spaces

Posted on Sun, Nov 02, 2014

smallsizesBuying a futon for a small space is now easier than ever. Smaller sizes provide the same comfort and reliability as the larger ones. Chairs with ottomans and twin chairs that open to a standard size twin bed are our most popular.

They even lounge for reading or relaxing in a bedroom. Loveseats can accommodate two for sitting and turn into a full size bed for sleeping and also go into a lounge position. Regular full size sheets work when using as a bed.

No need to purchase anything special.

They are available in many sizes, lots of finishes, and styles to coordinate with the rest of your home. 

Like contemporary, transitional, country, or ornate?

You can find almost anything in futons today. Covers come in al the latest colors and styles like regular upholstered items on the market. Look for fabrics that are easy to clean and easy to decorate around.

Many people like our solid chenilles or micro fibers with decorative pillows.

Easy to remake your look with just a pillow change.

Mattresses that are thick and cushy and comfortable for every night sleeping are available today too. Innerspring or the new all foam mattresses are very popular.

You need to try out and experience the new feel of a futon mattress to really know the difference. No one can really describe how a mattress feels. Futons mattresses come in very soft to very firm depending on how made and materials used.

They come in a variety of price points as do the frames and covers. Your price will depend on what you need and want to spend.

More expensive ones do last longer and offer more comfort. Wood is generally longer lasting and offers better support than metal.

Stop into the futon store today to see the latest in futons. Or you can visit our website futonstore-memphis.com to see our collection.