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Caregivers Deserve a Futon

   Futons are the perfect solution for giving a caregiver a comfortable place to sit and sleep. During the day it looks like a chair or sofa and at night it turns into an extremely comfortable bed. A futon doesn't have to be large or take up too much room. Futons are available in all sizes, finishes, and designs. They easily can blend into your room. Covers help coordinate your futon with your current furniture.

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6 Misconceptions About Futons

  • Futon are Uncomfortable
  • Futons are Cheap
  • Futons are Ugly
  • Futons are Poor Quality
  • Futons are Disposable Furniture
  • Futons are Hard to Use

This all describes a futon? WRONG! Obviously you've never Seen, Sat on, or Slept on a really nice futon. Even the best decorators will use futons at times, either as the main attraction in a room or as accent seating in a living area that's meant to be muti-functional.

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Update Your Space With a New Futon Cover

   Now is the time to refresh and update your space with a new futon cover and coordinating pillows.  You can change your look in seconds for much less than buying new furniture. That's one of the things that makes a futon so unique.

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Why Do You Want a Futon?

Where else can you find something perfect for a home office, guest room,great room, teen room or dorm room that is completely customizable, plus... 

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Make Your Ex Jealous!

…with break up friendly furniture from the Futon Store. 

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Show Your Man Some Love...with a futon...

Whether it's a place to watch sports, or just chill out, men need a refuge where they can relax and enjoy what they love.  If you don't think you have the room, think again.  A spare room can be turned into a man cave in minutes with the addition of one magic piece of furniture, a futon.  They come in different sizes from twin to queen so they can fit in anywhere, and there is a mattress to fit every comfort level and budget. In addition, covers can be changed out easily for quick redesign.  So, show your man some love and give him his very own space...even if its for a few hours a week (wink wink).  You can always change it back when he's done

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Easier to change than a bad haircut...

You wouldn't buy a new bed everytime you wanted to change the look of your bedroom. So, why buy a new sofa to change the look of your family room or den. A new futon cover is the perfect way to give your room an entirely different look. It is very affordable. So affordable, in fact, you can change with the season, or even change with your mood. We have tons of covers in stock, and if you don't find what you are looking for we can have something custom ordered to suite you. Check out this week's online special for extra savings on all in-stock futon covers. Click here for more info.

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