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Caregivers Deserve a Futon

   Futons are the perfect solution for giving a caregiver a comfortable place to sit and sleep. During the day it looks like a chair or sofa and at night it turns into an extremely comfortable bed. A futon doesn't have to be large or take up too much room. Futons are available in all sizes, finishes, and designs. They easily can blend into your room. Covers help coordinate your futon with your current furniture.

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Get Cozy in a Futon Chair

Curl up on a futon chair or twin chair for comfort. They are just perfect if you are limited on space. Makes a comfortable chair to relax on, to sit on or watch tv, or when using your lap top! Is your room small? A futon chair works well in any small bedroom or a nook in your family room. Futon chairs come in a variety of different styles and finishes. Just like our larger futons, they can open for extra sleeping or be used with an ottoman to make a great lounge chair. 

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