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6 Misconceptions About Futons

Posted on Thu, May 01, 2014

  • Futon are Uncomfortable
  • Futons are Cheap
  • Futons are Ugly
  • Futons are Poor Quality
  • Futons are Disposable Furniture
  • Futons are Hard to Use

This all describes a futon? WRONG! Obviously you've never Seen, Sat on, or Slept on a really nice futon. Even the best decorators will use futons at times, either as the main attraction in a room or as accent seating in a living area that's meant to be muti-functional.futon roomset

Futons act as many different pieces of furniture. First and foremost, futons are comfortable sofas or loveseats or chairs. Each one can double as a bed if the need is there in an instant. In a child's room, futons can be a place to sit and read, play a game, or watch TV. Quicky you have an extra bed for the sleep over guest that is actually a platform bed.

Decorating with a futon is a snap. Your choice of coverings are endless with all the latest colors and designs that are found in upholstery pieces today. And all you need to do is zip on a cover and there you are. Custom coverings are made quickly and easy to change and not too expensive! 

Own a lake house or pool house?  Futons are the perfect compliment to other porch or sunroom furniture. The same great sunbrella fabric that works on summer furniture is available in futon covers making them easy to match your decor. Fun in the Sun without fading or worrying about getting damp when someone with a wet suit sits on your futon.

There are endless possibilities on where to use a futon. So many places and so many choices. Don't let the negatives and misconceptions about using a futon keep you from considersing one. Take a look before eliminating one as an option in your home. We think you will be amazed by the selection and comfort of a futon.

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