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Rooms that Grow with Your Child

Posted on Fri, Oct 04, 2013

futon bunk bed with storageBunk beds, Loft beds and Futon Bunkbeds are practical and fuctional pieces of furniture for any child's room. Many bunk beds pull apart for later use as two twins. Ours have drawers or a trundle bed that will expand your storage needs or extra sleep space when needed. With a futon bunk you always have a twin or extra long twin bed on the top and a futon sofa sleeper that opens to a full size bed on the bottom. A loft bed can be arranged to have another bed, desk, chest of drawers, or just about anything you might want for underneath.

Kids rooms today need to be multi-functional. The sofa on the bottom of the futon bunk allows for watching TV, playing games, reading, and working on the laptop computer. A regular futon sofa gives a comfortable place to sit and do all of this. And when company spends the night you have a comfortable double bed for the person to sleep on.

Just like futon bunks, loft beds and regular bunk beds come in several sizes and finishes. Some have built in ladders and others have a detachable ladder. Many come apart for later use as a twin bed and a separate sofa. For the really tiny room extra, drawer storage can go underneath the futon or give add extra sleep space with a trundle bed.loft bed with chair and table

A futon bunkbed is the perfect solution for when you need a bed and a sofa in the same room. It can accommodate a child as well as an adult comfortably and gives you the maximum amount to work with in a small space.

Once you've decided on which style and finish of bed you'd like, chests of drawers, night stands and mirrors can be matched to your selections. There are many new fun wall decorations and peel and stick items to really jazz up the redone area. This is where you can let your child go wild.

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