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College Dorms

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Stacy Armless Full Futon Frame
with Black Mattress
NOW $289

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Bean Bag/Queen Bed
NOW $278

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Kati Lounger with Mattress
NOW $249

Looking for college dorm ideas? Futons are a great way to maximize your space for extra seating and sleeping. All of the frames can stand alone or fit great under a loft bed. Add an end table or small night stand for extra storage. Or go with a large ccomfy bean bag. Great for studying or can actually open to create an extra bed.

Some of our most popular dorm sellers are:

These all convert easily from a sofa to a bed. The frames come boxed, making it easy to move into the dorm. Lots of covers and pillows are available. Covers are great for redecorating and are cleanable, many are machine washable!

We have complied a dorm checklist to help you get organized. Take a look!


Download The College Dorm Checklist


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