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Dorm room futons: Personalize your space

Posted on Tue, Jul 12, 2011

twin futon loungerDorm rooms are a combination of a bedroom, library, dining room, etc. in a very confined space. But that doesn't mean it can't be your style. We have a few tips & tricks for setting up your dorm room within your budget.

1. The biggest piece in the room is usually your bed, loft or bunkbed. Remember it almost always is an extra long twin. Some dorm rooms allow you to change the room around by lofting or taking down a bed making better floor space.  A futon is a great addition for under the loft or in a corner. You can use futon covers, pillows & bedding to coordinate color schemes which are great ways to personalize.

2. Futons come in many smaller sizes to fit under a loft bunk or in a small space at prices that are afforable for the college student. Futons allow for extra sitting for friends and an extra bed for a visitor.

3. Futon covers can be cleaned or changed when you change your room the following year. This is actually money saving for the college student.

4. Study with you lap top sitting on a futon. It's more comfortable than a desk.

5. Too tired to climb up to you top bed? A futon makes a comfortable bed to sleep on for a night or longer. Make sure you have a good mattress because that makes all the difference.

6. Do think in terms of smaller like a twin chair or small loveseat. Big pieces of furniture won't fit. And anything with extra drawer or shelf space is great.

 It is easy and fun to decorate a dorm room using the right pieces to make yourself feel right at home.

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