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Shopping for College Dorm Rooms in Memphis

Posted on Thu, Jul 18, 2013

There are many colleges and universities in and around the Memphis and Mid-South area, to name a few; University of Memphis, Rhodes College, University of Tennessee Medical and Dental School, and Christian Brothers University. Oh, and lets not forget Ole Miss and the other smaller campuses scattered all around the area.
loft bed with small futon

What do they all have in common? Students arrive to bland and ugly dorm rooms or empty apartments that need to be fixed up. Where to start? We have a great check list to help you get started on what's needed to make your room or new apartment more personal and comfortable.

The basics can be found at a lot of different stores in the area like Target, Walmart, or Bed Bath, and Beyond for bedding, pillows, cookware and personal stuff. We provide the extras that you will take with you from year to year. Extra seating or sleeping space, cute lamps, and a new futon cover when you want change colors. Small chests, bookcases, and new bed pillows are all in stock to take with you, too. We provide a better quality for items that last.

large bean bagOur great big foam comfortable bean bags work great in a small space. They come in several different sizes and colors. All you have to do is unzip the bag to turn it into a bed for your friends or if you don't want to climb up into your bunk bed. If they get dirty, you can wash them in a washing machine!

Before purchasing anything, make sure you know the room layout. Know if your beds can turn into a bunk bed or make a loft. Also, find out what is provided by the school or can be upgraded. Many schools have all built-in's, making it difficult to change arrangments. Others make it easy to make a loft bed where you are able to put futons, klick-klack sofas, bean bags or chests underneath. Make sure whatever you purchase can be used again. Buying items that don't make it through the school year is a waste of money! We have a great selection of metal and wood futons in all sizes from chairs to full to loveseats made for any dorm room. Many go underneath your loft bed or stand alone as a sofa.metal contemporary futon

The futon store and more specializes in dorm room futons and items to fit your needs in you space as well as apartment furniture custom made for you at reasonable prices. Also, check out our sister store, bargain furniture warehouse, for a full line of home furnishings at warehouse pricing.

Check out the college dorm page for the checklist and our college specials!


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