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Futons & Bean Bags Help Personalize your Dorm Room!

Posted on Fri, Jul 27, 2012

Need a futon for your college dorm room? We have the perfect solution for your dorm room or apartment. We give you a range of styles to choose from depending on where you are placing it in your room.metal twin futon loveseat

For going under a lofted bed you need a futon that is not more than 78"-79". Black metal futons or armless styles will work well under a bunk that is high enough. There are also twin or full tri-fold styles that take up less width in the room but when used as a lounge or bed, will come out further from the wall.

full armless futon

Futons are available in metal and wood. The wood ones are more durable and comfortable in the long term. Metal futons do require a thicker mattress to keep from feeling the bars underneath. Wood frames can take a larger range of mattresses because you have wood slats like a platform bed for support. Why not get a full futon lounger?  This size will give you a sitting and sleeping space for two but still takes up a smaller area. Approximately 58"-60" inches along your wall.

Mattresses are available for both bi-fold and tri-fold style frames. Some come with a built on tufted cover and others will need a zip on cover that can be changed easily.  Prices start at $259 for frame and mattress sets depending on your combination.

Covers add color and design to your dorm room. They zip on the mattress and many come with cute pillows to match. Covers can spruce up an older futon without having to buy a new piece of furniture every time you change where you are living. This is a cost effective way to redecorate.

Futons serve as a great sofa and a sleeper in any room. If you buy a substantial one it should take you through your college years and beyond. They are lighter in weight and can be moved easily when you are ready to change rooms or apartments.

bean bag chair & bed

If a futon is just too large no matter how you try to arrange your room, then try one of our bean bag beds for extra comfortable sitting. It too is perfect for a dorm or kids room. Available in several sizes and lots of soft washable fabrics and colors. And there is an all foam mattress inside of this too!

We have a large selection of dorm room furniture in stock and ready to take to school now. Stop by either of our location on N. Germantown Parkway today.

Check out our bean bag collection!

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