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Dorm Room Decorating for Comfort and Design

Posted on Thu, Feb 21, 2013

Dorm rooms are multi-functional. They work as dining room, library, study room and bedroom. The space can be quite confined, but you can easily beautify it and add your style to it by adding a futon. Dorm room futons are a great value and can follow you through your college years and beyond. They come in all price ranges so you will be able to find one that fits into your budget and suits your needs.dorm room futon

Dorm room futons are extremely versatile. They can create seating space in a space area and also double up as an additional bed when you have friends or guests stay over. If your dorm lacks space, think of getting a loveseat. It will take up less space and you can still sleep or sit on it comfortably. In fact, two people can sleep on a loveseat, as it can be converted into a double bed. Another great idea for dorm rooms are twin-size chair futons. They take up less space but provide additional seating and can also be opened to make a cozy and comfortable bed.

As dorms have limited space, it is best to look beyond rectangular and bulky dorm room futons. Instead select a design that is more compact, such as armless futons or papsan-style floor seat. These small futons can be folded into a single or full size bed and do not use wooden or metal frames. They can give a modern touch to your dorm room and still be functional.

Room Style

When selecting dorm room futons, students should take a close look at the available space and style of the room. You have the option of matching the futon to the already present style in the room or you can change the décor completely and opt for something novel and new. And, small futons are just what you may need for this purpose.armless futon


The frame of the futon, should match with the rest of the décor. If you have wooden furniture in your dorm room, you may want to get a futon with a wood frame. However, you can also go for metal frames. Check the style of the frame carefully. Frames for dorm room futons are available in many different styles. You can go for contemporary, country, mission, Asian or classic futon frame style. Select a frame that you like and think you will feel comfortable having in your dorm room.bean bag


Futon covers are available in a wide range of fabrics, patterns and colors. You can coordinate the cover to match with the existing décor of your dorm room, or you can be adventurous and look for a cover that is bold and striking. However, select a cover that is durable and can take handling. For dorm room futons, it is best to opt for covers that are either stain resistant or can be washed easily. You may want to buy multiple covers, so that if one gets dirty, you can replace it. Think about stripes, solids, plaids and colorful prints to add that pizzazz to your dorm room.


You can accent dorm room futons to make them the focal point of the room. This can be done by adding colorful pillows or blanket on the futon. If the color of the futon color is solid, break the monotony by placing patterned pillows or contrasting colored pillows on the futon. Be adventurous when it comes to accenting your futon. You will be quite pleased with the results and how something as simple as a pillow or blanket can transform the look of your dorm room.

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