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Design a GO TO Room For Your Child

Posted on Thu, Mar 06, 2014

  Want your child to go to their room? Design a room your child will want to go to. Kids need their own space with furniture designed for their comfort and needs. Today there are so many different possibilities. You want furniture that's both sturdy and will grow with your child. Your kids want a space designed for privacy, comfort and room for friends. Futon furniture fits the bill. Get extra storage drawers to hide their stuff and a trundle bed for company.colorful child's bedroom

  Futon bunk beds,  trundle daybeds , and loft beds are great choices for both young children and teens. Loft beds are good for saving space in smaller rooms because you can add drawers, a bed, a desk or chest underneath for convenience. Add a fun bean bag (ours come with beds inside) and lots of color for a space you child will enjoy for years to come.

  Your child's needs change as they get older and you want furniture that will take them into teenager years and beyond. Well built, versatile futon furniture fits that requirement.  When your child goes off to college or their own apartment, you can turn their room into a T.V. room, home office or sewing room by using the same furniture and still keeping the ability to turn the futon part into extra sleep space when company arrives or your offspring visits home. teens room with a bunbed

  When shopping for kids furniture look for solid and sturdy woods that are well designed and match with your other decor. Keep in mind your child's age, and get furniture that adapts to your child's needs.  If you use metal beds, make sure they are sturdy enough for your child and their friends. Metal is usually less expensive but can be less harty over time. Solid woods are best for longevity and safty. Beds that are built from reconstucted wood products built well, can also last. Be careful about safety of products made for children. Ready to finish pieces work well for the DIY person. If your child's room isn't a standard color and needs to be matched to another item, this makes it easier. Unfinished wood can be a good way to get a heavy duty and well made product and you do the finishing which saves you money.

  If the room is small go up. Bunkbeds or futon bunks and loft beds work well in this situation saving space. Add drawers or trundle beds underneath. Desks and drawers underneath give your child maximum use of a small space. Daybeds with trundles give more space too.

  Kids rooms need to fit the personality and needs of your child and and fit into your budget  The futon store has furniture that gives you versatility and excellent quality for kids of all ages.

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