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Tips for Decorating your Guest Room.

Posted on Thu, Feb 28, 2013

Having a guest room that also serves as a home office or craft room can be a challenge to create. Multi-tasking rooms are popular today and with the right furniture and accessories you can have it all. There are many good decorating tips on line for accomplishing your task. The right soothing colors, furniture scaled to fit the room, and good storage is a must. First think of comfort for you and your guests.

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Need something really comfortable to sit on while relaxing or working on your lap top or knitting? Want your guest to be comfortable when they visit? You probably haven't thought of a futon but this is the perfect solution. Get a sofa that can be custom made with the style and fabrics and pillows you love with a bed that's cushy and comfortable to sleep on. Add drawers underneath for hiding away your essentials. Now add bookcases for your books or add baskets to hold your small supplies. A small desk might be needed for doing work at home.

Futons come in a variety of styles and finishes to match what you might already own. The mattresses are now made more like regular bed mattresses in terms of quality, thicknesses, and materials. Innersprings and memory foam are very popular with our customers for their comfort. The mattresses are made for long term use if needed. If your futon is going to be used a lot, splurge and select a good mattress.

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Covers give you color, pattern and warmth. Covers also come off for easy cleaning when needed and for redecorating when you want to change you look. Large and small throw pillows are a must for curling up and getting comfortable on your futon. Your choices in colors and patterns are endless. futon fabrics

Most guest rooms are the small left over room in you home. If you are worried about how to get a comfortable sleep sofa in there, a futon works. It can be built in any area. Traditional sleep sofas cannot go up the stairs and around the corner in most homes. A futon is much easier to move and work through small areas. It's not has heavy as a traditional sofa or sleep sofa and is considerably more comfortable.

Futons for guests? YES!

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