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Update Your Space With a New Futon Cover

   Now is the time to refresh and update your space with a new futon cover and coordinating pillows.  You can change your look in seconds for much less than buying new furniture. That's one of the things that makes a futon so unique.

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Tips for Decorating your Guest Room.

Having a guest room that also serves as a home office or craft room can be a challenge to create. Multi-tasking rooms are popular today and with the right furniture and accessories you can have it all. There are many good decorating tips on line for accomplishing your task. The right soothing colors, furniture scaled to fit the room, and good storage is a must. First think of comfort for you and your guests.

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Futon covers can jazz up any room!

A new futon cover and pillows can make a room look colorful and fresh looking without painting or a having a major makeover. Add color and design with a new futon cover and pillows. Covers help you create a new look easily without having to purchase a new sofa, loveseat or chair. Add a small coffee table or end table with lamp, books or other decorative items like the following to make your room house beautiful.

Personalize your space, large or small, with these decorative items.

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Futon Talk

 While exercising at the gym on Monday, someone asked me about futons. Where would you put one? Why use a futon instead of a sleep sofa? Are they really comfortable? Can my parents sleep on one? Several ladies joined in the conversation to say they had futons in several different rooms in their homes.

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Need help in picking out a movie? Here is the classic futon movie guide for your enjoyment and a good laugh. Maybe you have some we have not thought of. Add your own and send to our facebook.

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Secrets to making your Futon look as good as it feels...

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Quick & Easy Room Makeover with a Futon Cover

  So you’re trying to makeover your room? Sure, you could change your carpet, wallpaper, paint color, furniture, all of which are time consuming and expensive. Why does your fresh new look have to consume all your time and money? Not to mention, carpet, wallpaper, and paint may look good in our mind, but what happens when it doesn’t turn out how you planned?
You could simply get a new futon cover and pillows for your futon and get a new look for the entire room. A new futon cover is an affordable way to re-vamp your room quickly and inexpensively. You can easily change your covers to match your mood or with the change of seasons. The Futon Store keeps tons of covers and pillows in stock, or if you can't find what you’re looking for, then select from our custom covers and fabrics. We have 1,100+ samples in store for you to choose your own unique look. Take the samples home to get ideas for your new style before you spend all your time and money. We have complementary fabrics to mix and match, as well as our experienced staff to help you along the way. If that still doesn’t work, bring us your own fabric and we will have your cover custom made. This doesn’t take as long as you’d think either. Covers are made custom in one to four weeks. Why settle for ho-hum when you can afford to redecorate in a snap by changing the look of the most versatile piece of furniture in your home!

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The Bonus Room Isn’t A Bonus When The Sofa Won’t Fit!

Now that you bought the sofa, are you having a hard time getting it into the space it is meant for? We have your answer.  Take it back and get a futon!!  Futons are the perfect solution for getting around corners, going up stairs, and fitting into lofts or tight spaces without scraping or damaging your walls. You can take it up in pieces and put it together right in the room or space it is meant for.  Futons are comfortable and stylish, and won’t hurt your budget.  You can design your own look and get it in time for the holidays.   Best of all it will make a comfortable place for overnight guests, as well as, provide a great place for family and friends to sit and play….. Now that is a bonus!

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Easier to change than a bad haircut...

You wouldn't buy a new bed everytime you wanted to change the look of your bedroom. So, why buy a new sofa to change the look of your family room or den. A new futon cover is the perfect way to give your room an entirely different look. It is very affordable. So affordable, in fact, you can change with the season, or even change with your mood. We have tons of covers in stock, and if you don't find what you are looking for we can have something custom ordered to suite you. Check out this week's online special for extra savings on all in-stock futon covers. Click here for more info.

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