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Futon Bunk Beds are Cool for Kids

Posted on Thu, May 15, 2014

Looking for cool furniture for your kid's room? Something that your child will like and you will be comfortable with too? You will find futon bunk beds the answer to accommodate you both. It's a bed with a sofa on the bottom, ready made for studying, reading, watching videos, or having sleep over guests all in one great piece of furniture. You have a variety of pieces to choose from.

futon bunk bed with drawers

Wood & Metal Combinations

  •   Usually one color like Black or two tonewood and metal futon bunk bed
  •   Pull apart into two beds
  •   Stronger than all metal but not as nice as all wood
  •   Medium & Lower Priced

All Metal Popular Due to the Look & Price

  •   Cheapest of versions
  •   Comes in several colors: Black, White, Blue, or Red
  •   Usually do not pull apart later c-style metal futon bunk
  •   Several different styles

 All Wood Selections 

  •   Strongest and longest lasting of beds
  •   Available in many different finishes  
  •   Makes into a twin bed with separate full futon later
  •   Variety of price ranges but usually more expensive than metal or      combination frames
  •   Best variety of styles
  •   Drawers and trundle beds are available for underneath

Surprisingly younger and older kids, teenagers, and even college students seem to like these. If you have a smaller room, drawers can fit underneath for storage. These should be considered for lake houses and cabins too. They are great for mutiply sleeping arrangements and have covers that are easily cleaned or changed. In addition to the usual twin top and full bottom, we offer full over extra long full futon bunks in unfinished pine. These work well for older kids, college dorm bunks, or for cabins. Special and regular mattresses made to order are available too.

Come take a look at the selection of futons, bunk beds, and mattresses at the futon store and more in Memphis. 

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