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Why Empty Nesters Need a Futon

Posted on Fri, Jan 24, 2014

  One benefit of kids leaving home is the extra room you gain. And of course there's less laundry, less food consumption, and generally less mess. You now need more versatile furniture to fit your lifestyle? A futon just might be your answer. Futons fill the gap between a sofa and an extra bed whenever you need it. You don't have to spend a fortune to refurnish a room. Now is your time to re-make a room for you with the colors and furniture that makes you comfortable. Remember that kids return from time to time and you'll want a comfortable place for them to sleep when they do.futon in home office

  Some parents want a totally new look while others want to retain a flavor of kids still around. Using futon furniture will allow you to do both. Futons can make the room look larger because they take up less room than a traditional bed or even a bulky sleep sofa. They can be slip covered to match any decor. Have a comfortable, stylish sofa to use during the day and pop open easily to sleep on at night when needed.

  Now you can turn your empty room into a guest room, home office, exercise area, hobby room or anything else you can think of and a futon will fit them all! Before deciding one way or another come take a look. Our customer are always surprised when they walk in the door of our store. These are futons they ask? Wow, not what I expected at all. OR These aren't like the one I had in college.

  Futons can move easily when you decide to rearrange and redecorate again. Covers come off for easy cleaning or just getting a new look. They also don't require anything special in bedding. Your regular linens will fit. If a full or queen size is too big for your space, futons can be gotten in love seat and twin sizes also.futon twin longer

  Come visit the futon store to see all the new innovations in futons and select the perfect one for your home. You also can visit our website (futonstore-memphis.com) to see the different selections. It is always best to try one out before you purchase to see what you are actually getting. Stop by and check us out soon.

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