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Three Options for Creating a Man Cave in a Garage or Storage Shed

Posted on Thu, Jun 27, 2013

 You don't have to go far to find a room to build a great man cave. If you don't have a room inside your house, then move to the garage or right behind your house into a storage shed building. These work great! Many men just want their own space to do hobbies or outdoor activities. An outdoor rustic headquarters works well, too. Just think ladies, it won't mess up your house if the man cave is ntwin futon loungerot one of you interior rooms. Houzz.com describes a man cave "as the architectural equivalent to hanging out with you mates." Sort of like the old days, with a tree house and no girls allowed!   

After researching more on man caves, I realized a small storage shed or perhaps an area in the garage will work great. It's out of the way, quiet, and easy to decorate without a lot of fuss. Dress it up or down with your favorite furniture, games, collectables and of course, a comfortable futon to sit or relax on. We have tables and accessories to match. Plus, we have a large overstuffed bean bag which is perfect for playing video games or watching the big game on TV.man in a bedbag

Option #1: A Standard Futon 

Futons make a great sofa with the option to sleep on it when you want too. They can be customized with fabric & pillows, cleaned when you get a spill, and changed when you decide to change the look. A win-win situation.


Option #2: A Loveseat or Chair Futon

Twin futon chairs with an ottoman or a loveseat size futon is another great option in a small area or as an added piece to have guests sit on. They also can be easily customized with your choice of fabrics and wood tones. There are many different fabrics and finishes available in the store.


 Option #3: A Big Beanbag Futon Bed

Have you ever seen a large overstuffed bean bag for an adult? They are really cushy and ours can be opened to create a full, queen, or king sized bed if needed! Outside fabric covers can be washed or changed if you don't like the color anymore. You and your friends will fight over who gets to sit in this.


Room size isn't important when planning a man cave. You just need a little creativity. The outcome takes good planning, the right furniture and accessories for the shape of the room. A large garage can be used or divided into several usable areas. Back houses or storage sheds can be customized too. Houzz.com is a great place to look at photos of man caves in all sizes for ideas.

It can be helpful to use a theme for your space. Here are a few ideas to help decorate your man cave: use your favorite sports team colors, a music theme design is great for a music buff, and a car buff would enjoy car replicas in the room. Whatever you enjoy goes.

Most importantly you need to be able to relax and have fun in your room. Good seating should add comfort and utility to your space. A futon and a good bean bag is perfect. You can customize the style & color and design you want to fit into your space. Futon lounge chairs or loveseats with a really cushy mattress can add seating without a bulky piece of furniture. Do you like firm or a softer/plush feel? You can select and customize futons to fit your needs. The covers come in all colors & prints and can fit with the theme you decide on: Sports teams, golf, hunting, we have it all.

Get the looks you'll love and the comfort and style you deserve in your own space. Create your man cave for relaxation and fun no matter where you find a space. Come to the futon store memphis where we can help you with all the latest designs and features of our futons and bean bags.

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