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Counterfeit Futons

Posted on Mon, May 06, 2013

Isn't every sofa, loveseat or chair that opens into a bed a futon? No it is not! Counterfeit futons are everywhere. They rob you of the real benefits of having a futon. Choices in frame styles, different types, and finishes. Then you should have mattress choices, firm soft, plush? Plus you have the ability to clean and change your covers at will. You can create any different look for the spot you want at an affordable price.

What is not a futon but called one by some furniture stores.flip out chair

A flip out chair is a good example. It is not a futon, yet folds out to make a bed. It is always in one piece. If anything gets messed up just throw away.

klick klack sofaAlso not a futon is a klick klack or jack knife sofa. These little sofas also open into beds, but have a tendency to be low and very firm. You can't change mattresses or covers on them either. Probably good for small kids room or dorm room. Still not as comfortable as a futon though and of course not cleanable! They come in many sizes and colors from very cheap to expensive and much more plush.

Now lets discuss what is a futon today. A true futon comes in parts that are interchangable. This allows for you to get a custom sofa sleeper in any price range and look you want.

You begin with a frame in metal, wood, or a combination of the two. Decide on a mattress made of any different material today. All cotton, cotton and foam (the most popular), innerspring, pocketed coil spring. Newer mattresses can be found with memory foam or plush springs incased in foam. These are more expensive but if you are using your futon for sleeping this gives the best support and comfort level. Don't be surprised at how wonderful these feel but will cost more.

Covers are sometimes tufted on the mattress itself giving more of a traditional sofa look. They do not allow you to take off the covers to be cleaned though. You can however buy a new cover to go over the mattress. Most of our customers perfer the choices in cover and pillows when you select and put on your own.futon living room setting

Put away your old ideas on what a futon is or where it would go. Decorators are using them in living rooms, study's and they are great in a man cave. Kids love to have futons in their bedroom or play areas. Looks and styles are much more sophisticated and stylish than years ago. Futons come in all sizes: loveseats, chairs, ottomans, and twin chair loungers. You can arrange an entire room with different sizes or use one piece as an accent.

Come in and be amazed at what is availble today in futon furniture.

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