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These are not the Futons of Your College Years

Posted on Wed, Feb 06, 2013

Crusty Futons No More!

Gone are the days when you would hear "Do you want to sleep on my futon?" as a pick-up line. The convertible sofa bed is a common piece of furniture in dorms across college campuses all over the country. You shudder even thinking about what happens on one and the unidentified stains it can accumulate over just one semester. Luckily, your college days are far behind you, and so are the futons of your nightmares!

Today's Modern Futonmultiple futons

The futon of today's modern apartment style living are much more adult and upscale. And they are just the thing for a home office or entertainment room. Many of the newest futon designs feature luxe fabrics and high end frames. The changes in futons from stained utilitarian pieces of furniture have evolved into sleek upscale design sofa-beds. 

Many futons today look just like regular sofas. These futons are ideal for people who live in small spaces, and need the option to turn a living room into a bedroom at night. You can find futons in a leather look and with chrome frames. These modern futons really make a studio's interior more streamlined and dynamicnatural wood futon

If you prefer a futon that is more feminine, then you should opt for one that has a scrolled frame, or one that is made of white wood. In fact, wooden futons are some of the biggest changes in futons that you will see. Wood takes the futon from a simple piece of furniture to an elegant seating area. If you want to add warmth to a room, a beautiful wooden futon will really add that missing element that you want so much.

The seating cushion covers can be made of any material from suede to a fun printed fabric. Suede is probally one of the more popular modern fabrics. Solid cheap cloth futons are a thing of the past as you can easily see stains on them. If you are a messy person, then you may want to invest in a leather look or washable fabric futon cover. It will be easier to clean and maintain. No matter what fabric you choose, it is easy to take the futon from day to night with some throw pillows and chic blanket.

Decorating Your Futonfuton cover

If you want to update your futon's look, then all you need is a great futon cover and pillows in an incredible fabric. You can change the entire image of the futon with a simple slip cover. If you feel that that is not enough, then give the frame of the futon a paint job. This will make it look fresh and new. An older futon does not need to look cheap and old as long you put some effort into its makeover.

Accent pillows are always a must for anyone with a futon. They make the piece look more comfortable and lively no matter what the space. If you rely on your futon's ability to become a bed, then make sure that you keep its day time look sperate from night. You do not want people thinking that they have stumbled into your private bedroom and domain. The right fabric choices and slipcovers can prevent that from happening.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for a modern futon is remembering its purpose. You want something that will fit your room as a sofa or as a bed. There needs to be room for it to change, and its style needs to be functional as well. Ultimately, you want to the futon to be comfortable as well. Do not buy a futon that you will keep you from a good nights rest or from relaxing during the afternoon!

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