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Using a Futon to Create a Multi-Purpose Room

Posted on Sat, Jan 26, 2013

So you have a spare room in your home and the possibilities for that space are endless. You could make yourself a home office or a playroom for the kids, but note that you will also need a place for any guests you have sleeping over. You may not have guests over often enough to have a dedicated guest room, so why not create a room that meets all of your needs? Meaning that it can double as your home office or playroom and as  a place where your sleepover visitors can stay. The key doing this is to choose the right furniture. By choosing furniture that can be adapted for a variety of purposes, you can have a multipurpose room that can be as useful when you have guests as it is when you need a space to work or just to relax.

The Advantages of Futonsfuton bed
A futon is one of the key elements in having a guest room that is useful when you have no guests. Futons can provide a bed for your guests and the equivalent of a sofa when you when you need seating rather than a place to sleep. Furthermore, futons have the advantage of being affordable when compared to other options. The simple design of a futon can enhance your spare room, without you having to spend a ton of money decorating. Accent it with the right lamp and/or light fixture and you can have a spare room that that looks comfortable and stylish while being able to serve purposes other than just sleeping your guests.

Futons Versus Sleeper Sofasfuton frames
The other option would be to get a sleeper sofa, but these come with a variety of problems. For one thing, they are not known for their comfort, either in their sofa form or as a bed. Hr, futon owners have a variety of options when it comes to mattresses, including memory foam and innerspring mattresses. Sleeper sofas also tend to be considerably more expensive than a simple futon. When it comes time to move it into place so that the mattress can be folded out, a sleeper sofa can be heavy, often much heavier than a standard sofa and awkward to move. Futons, on the other hand are relatively light, a factor that will come into play if you ever have to pack up your home and move, as well as when you have guests occupying your spare room.

Chances are, you want your spare room to look good as well as be functional. Sleeper sofas are not known for their stylishness or flexibility when it comes to fitting in with your home’s décor. A futon, on the other hand can present a sleek, minimalist look for your home, making your spare room appealing to the eye as well as comfortable and useful for when family or friends spend the night. Also, you can easily change the covers to suit whatever decoration scheme you have going. In most cases, the standard guest bedroom will be able to easily accommodate a futon as well as a desk or whatever other furniture you choose to make it into a multipurpose space. 

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