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Top 4 Reasons People are Choosing a Futon Sofa Bed

Posted on Fri, Jan 18, 2013

If you're looking for one of the best ways to get the most from the space in your home, consider a futon sofa bed. Their design and comfort may astound you. Over the last decade, memory foam, gel foam mattress pads and affordable futon mattresses have made futons the couch of choice for people who need to have a spare bed for a myriad of reasons. futon, futon memphis

Over time, we've learned that the most common reasons people buy futons include:
  1. Family rooms. A futon sofa bed doubles as a couch and a bed. A sofa-sleeper can be much more expensive than a futon because of the frame, its construction and the upholstery fabric that the sofa needs. Many futon frames are made from attractive hardwood or durably finished metal. The futon can be as comfortable as a couch, making it an attractive addition to a family room that may need to double as a place to host the occasional guest overnight. Futons are lighter than sofa beds, making it easier to rearrange a room. 
  2. Bedroom conversions. When children move away, removing a bed and adding a futon sofa bed makes the space much more flexible. The room can be converted into a home office, a hobby room, or a space that visitors can use as a retreat when staying overnight. A futon is easy to convert to a bed or couch, and bedding sizes are standard. After departure, the futon sofa bed can be stripped of bedding and returned to its functionality as a sofa.futon bunk bed
  3. Affordable option for comfort. A futon is one of the easiest pieces of furniture to convert from a couch to a bed. Newlyweds find that futons help them have an attractive, comfortable couch and a bed at the same time, while saving living space. A futon is something that is also easily assembled and disassembled, making it easy to move it from one place to another. The hassle of moving furniture through tight doorways goes away with a futon when bringing it home for the first time or moving it to another place by removing its arms. 
  4. Vacation homes. A futon in a second or vacation home helps you host guests overnight without compromising your space. Whether it's in the living room, a loft, or spare room, the futon helps you accommodate overnight visitors easily without disrupting your living space.  

Families with children or pets know what a challenge it can be to keep the couch looking good, but it's easy to do with futons because the covers are easy to change and can give the room a whole new look with little effort or expense. Some are even washable, which saves the cost of professional upholstery cleaning and keeps the cover in top shape for years. 

Please stop by to see which futon sofa bed will work for you and your situation. Their comfort and flexibility may surprise you and help you get more from your home.

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