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5 Tips for Bed Mattress Matrimony

Posted on Sun, Nov 27, 2011

bed mattress & foundationShopping for a new mattress takes two if you are in a relationship. Both parties need to be in agreement on which mattress is best in terms of size and comfort for each person. Following are 5 helpful hints to read before you start shopping. Do your research to know where to shop and what is available in your market. There are several reasons you might be looking for a new mattress. The mattress was there before the relationship or even from a prior relationship. The mattress may be too small for the two of you or the mattress is just uncomfortable.


1. Talk about what you want and like in a mattress before you hit the stores. Also discuss why you need a new mattress. What isn't working for you in your old mattress? That will make it easier when looking for a new one.

2.  Visit the stores together. Be honest with your salesperson about why you are looking as well as what you can spend. This will eliminate some confusion in what you need to get. It will also speed up the process. Make sure that you spend enough time on the new mattress before buying.

3. Be prepared to lie on the mattress together to learn how it feels for both of you. How comfortable will you be long term? How does it compare to what you now sleep on? Is it really better or are there some of the same problems?

4. What size to get is very important. Is there enough room for you to sleep on together and move without distrubing the other person? Will it fit well in the space? Will you be comfortable all night and how does it compare to what you already have?

5. Do you need a new foundation? Yes, unless you have a platform bed which requires only a mattress. Foundations and box spring do wear out like the mattresses so getting a new set makes good sense. Another reason for a new foundation is that it is constructed to complement the respective mattress for compliance with flamability safety regulations.

Hope this is helpful and good luck with your new purchase!

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