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Company for the holidays? Can a futon be the right solution?

Posted on Mon, Oct 31, 2011

A futon for the holidays in my house? Really? Can I get a futon, mattress and cover that fast?futon sofa and bed

As we approach the end of a year, plans for the holidays are being made by millions of families and friends. The start of the planning is a call or email with the "good" news that they are coming to visit. Help! Once the news of the impending arrival of guests is received, the planning by the host begins. The basic question is where will everyone sleep? The solution can range from the den floor to the master bedroom.

Frequently these extremes cause the start of a family dialog about how to make the company comfortable. Basicly the question is how much effort the family is willing to make for the company's comfort. A sleeper sofa or a dedicated spare bedroom bed are the traditional solutions, each of these have their own negetive outcomes.

The sleeper sofa mattress is typically undersized (3" - 5" short) plus made of thin foam so it can fit into the frame. In addition, the support structure has an uncomfortable bar that makes a good night sleep almost impossible. (At my mother's house we referred to her sleeper sofa as "the rack")

As for a dedicated spare room, the problem is, it's only used briefly during the stay of a guest. Otherwise it has little use. In current times, the layout of houses plus the advent of computers has resulted in many people preferring to have a home office that can be used year round.

A futon allows the home owner to have the best of both worlds. By using it in the home office you can have a comfortable sofa to sit on every day and still offer your company a welcoming place to sleep. Once a futon is converted to a bed, you effectively have a platfrom bed. It is completely supported through out. The frames can come in any size from a twin to a queen. The choices of mattresses ranges from a traditional cotton/foam to a wonderful memory foam mattress or several innerspring types.

Forget what you thought you knew about futons because todays are more likable. They are more comfortable, easier to use and have looks that fit your decorating style. The cost can be a little higher than the old college ones, but you get what you pay for! Get a quality, well made futon and you'll be happy over the years with your decision because you get a comfortable sofa to use in any extra space. You can re-decorate easily with a new cleanable cover and the sleeping is like a real bed in both comfort and size. 

Consider the alternatives and at least come take a look! We know you'll be pleasantly surprised. Customers are always telling us how they never thought they would like a futon and how well they now work in their home.  Please let us know what you think by commenting on our web site or when you visit our stores 


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