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You Give Futons a Bad Name!

Posted on Wed, Oct 05, 2011

loveseat & chair futonFutons get a bad name from cheap versions of sofa-sleepers, klick klack sofas, and dorm room futons from discount stores. This is not what Futons are all about, they are so much more. Be a smart shopper, don't be afraid to take a closer look. Current futons have evolved greatly over time along with their original users. From simple beginnings they have evolved into a great alternative to conventional heavy sleep sofas.

Futons today are one of the most accepted pieces of furniture in the world. From the inexpensive models for dorm or kids room to a contemporary design for the hippest apartment. A traditonal home office is the perfect place for a futon. Their world-wide popularity shows the utilitarian flexibility of futon furniture.

1. Futons come in numerous sizes and designs. Yes! chairs, twin chairs and loveseats help to make different configuartions in your room.

2. Futons come in metal, wood or combinations of materials. The leablack metal futon framest expensive will be the metal or combinations while the wood frames are usually more sturdy and are available in all different sizes.

3. Futon mattresses today are thicker, made of more durable materials including foams, memory foam and innersprings. This makes them feel like a comfortable traditional bed for sleeping.

4. Covers are decorative slipcovers to protect your mattress and to personalize your look with color and texture to match your decor. They come off for easy cleaning or redecorating. Contruction of futon covers will vary by vendor and material. Most zip around but some use velcro. The most poplar is a box cut giving the mattress a more taylored look.

Selection is in the eye of the beholder. Their are choices to make. One is on the overall price point. Next is the frame style, size and color? Another is the comfort level of the mattress and what type of feel wanted. The cover gives you style, color and decor. You need to give futons a good look and see how a futon can help you.

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