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Six Reasons we sell Serta Mattresses

Posted on Thu, Jun 30, 2011

When looking for a good choice for our large selection of platform beds we found Serta Mattresses. They are well made, have excellent prices and work well with our selection of beds. For 75 years they have made a consistent, high quality product. And many of their new specialty lines were a great match.

The innovative features in their Paula Deen and specialty mattress line fit into the category that we were looking for. Serta has made a concerted effort over the past few years for a superior well priced mattress which would deliver fantastic comfort and support at a price point the public could afford. That is what we want for our customer too. And they have been Consumer's Digest Best Buy for mattresses the past 3 years in a row.

Six Reasons we picked Serta Mattresses!        Serta Mattresses

1. Innovative mattresses construction.

a. Patented advanced Comfort Quilt for improved circulation and reduced tossing and turning.

b. Sensifiber for temperature-regulating control during sleep.

c. Fabrics made from natural silk, bamboo and/or pure organic cotton.

d. Stronger foundation beams for better support and less breakage.

e. First mattress company to use flame-retardant system in all mattresses.

 2. Dependable customer service backing up what they say they will do.

3. Known for consistant quality. Important because you can rely on what you are getting!

4. American made right next to us in Mississippi.

5. Eco-Friendly, soy based foams, 95% post-industrial recycled steel for innersprings, less carbon imprint on the environment while producing the product.

6. Counting Sheep. They are soooo cute....

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