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Selecting Your New Bed Mattress?

Posted on Tue, Feb 22, 2011

GUYONMATTRetailers sell stuff and they want you to buy their stuff. But is that what you want? Especially when you buy a new mattress it is important to decide your budget and life style. Do you prefer innerspring mattresses, memory foam, latex, air or a combination? Each has their pros and cons. Learn about the properties of each and think about your current mattress. Have you been happy with it until now or do you want a different feel?

If you listen to the different mattress ads you get the feeling that if you do not buy that brand or type you won't be sleeping very well. The advertisers don't take into account what you the customer might be looking for.

What you need to do before shopping.

1. Do your research on what type of different mattresses are available in your market.

2. Decide on which retailers you trust and ask friends about their experience with buying a new mattress.

3. Spend time lying on the mattresses you decide you might like.

4. Too many choices can confuse. A good specialty store with a selection of different types of the mattresses you might be interested in and someone to give you good information without pressure is the best choice.

5. Wear loose comfortable clothing so you can feel the mattress really well.

6. Take your time, feel free to lay down on the mattress like you lie at home. Maybe bring your favorite pillow to be comfortable.

7. Do not rush. Most mattresses sold today are not returnable due to health and bed bug issues.

8. After making a decision be sure to get a new mattress protector to keep you mattress clean and keep your warranty valid.

It isn't right for a sales person to select what you what and need to sleep on. Buy what you feel good with and don't be pressured into anything else. A good bedding sales person will help you select the features that fit your lifestyle and budget. Happy shopping!

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