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Is a Futon right for my son?

Posted on Wed, Feb 16, 2011

Dear Futon Lady,

My son wants a futon in his bedroom instead of a traditional bed. He is 17 years old, 6'1 and 190 lbs. His room is fairly small and we need to conserve space. Is a futon right for him?

- Concerned Mom


Futon for TeenDear Concerned Mom,

From what you've described, a futon would be ideal for your son; but not just any futon. Because your son is fairly tall, I'd suggest an armless frame or (if you have the room) even a queen sized futon frame. Almost any of our hardwood frame will come in a queen size. Plus, hardwood frames are very sturdy so he will be able to take his futon off to college or first apartment. I'd suggest one of our nicer mattresses so that he will have good support for using it every night. He can also choose his own unique style cover, which is easy to change as his own style changes in the years to come. Be sure to measure the space he has in his room for a futon, then bring him into our store where we can customize the perfect futon for his needs and yours.

- The Futon Lady

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