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Apartment Dweller


Living in a small place and having a hard time finding the right furniture? Futons, platform beds, and small scaled furniture that's functional and easy to work with is perfect for you. Futons come in all different sizes to fit your room. A futon lets you have a comfortable and stylish place to sit during the day and a comfortable bed at night. The futon store and more has just what you are looking for to create the looks you'll love in your new diggs.

These furniture pieces will work well for Apartment Dwellers:

Loveseatscale platformbeds  futons1.jpg 

The Futon Lady has many blogs on how to decorate a small space.
Check them out for ideas!


Futon Size Guide:


The Futon Store


There’s no need to purchase a separate warranty. All of our furniture products come with a warranty. Ask us for details.