A Futon For Dad's Man Cave

Father's Day is the perfect time to create a man cave designed for your man. Make his room perfect for recreation, hobbies, watching TV, or just relaxing after a long day at work. You don't have to have a huge area; any small bedroom or bonus room will work with the right furnishings, paint color, and accessories. Give your man a modern day refuge in which to escape. The smaller the room, the more creative you'll need to be. Going up as well as out saves room in a smaller space.futon sofa, chair and ottoman

   Start by using graft paper and scale out the room. You don't need to be an expert decorator to do this. Drawing out the room will help you visualize the space. Now, decide on what you want in the room and what kind of theme will work.  A budget is also important. If you are resourceful, some items can be built or found second hand.

   Personalize the space with color and furnishings that defines your man. Select a color that is soothing and think about how your guy wants to use the room. What hobbies do they have? You might want to include paintings, lamps, pool table, bar or game table table for fun. Will friends be arriving for a movie night or sports watching? Comfortable seating is a must. A futon works great in a room designed for comfort and gives extra sleeping space at the drop of a hat. Futons can be gotten in a chair or loveseat size, if this works better for the space. Large soft bean bags are great for man caves too. Everyone can grab a comfy seat without taking up too much space and bean bags move easily as needed. 
large bean bag 

   If your preference is for a man cave bedroom we have platform beds that are low and masculine looking. If you want something different, how about a loft bed or futon bunk? Both eat up less space and can act as a bedroom as well as a sitting room. For the teenage boy in your life, this is perfect.platform bed

   A dart board or hanging bar as well as a wall mounted large screen TV works well for smaller rooms, too. Shelving that hangs on the wall is good for collectibles. The more floor space you can save the better, allowing for more seating or game possibilities.

   Remember this room is your man's for relaxation and comfort to escape anytime he is ready. A computer search or books and magazines on man cave decorating is helpful to activate your imagination, OR just to give you how to's on design.

  Whatever his preferences, design a room which suites him.  Let your man be able to escape in his own home easily to unwind or relax.

   At the futon store we help our customers create the looks they want at affordable prices. We can deliver quickly once your selection is made. We keep a huge inventory of futons, platform beds, bean bags and everything to go with it in stock at our warehouse. Come visit us today or go online to www.futonstore-mempis.com to see our selection.

   Bean bag chairs have come a long way. Now, inside the chairs is a bed! You can get a bean bag that has a full, queen or even king bed inside! Talk about creative and mighty convenient!