Futons For Any Room

Futons For Any Room

Selecting a futon for any room in your home is a practical and wise investment. Futons come in a variety of sizes and types. By deciding where you are going to use one and their purpose your choices will be endless.

Futons for Living Rooms
Dressy or casual futons can be dictated by your choice of style and covering
They are comfortable to sit on as your primary sofa
Futons open easily when company comes or you need an extra bed
Matching other pieces in your room becomes easy with your many choices of fabrics 

Futons for Home Offices                                   futon sofa sleeper
Get an extra place to sit while working
Stretch out to relax
Open easily if extra sleeping space is needed
Not as bulky as a traditional sleep sofa
Can go into any space easily or built when it gets in there

Futons for Kids Bedroom
Futon bunkbeds make it easy for kids to share a room
Sofa on the bottom to sit and play games with sleeping on the top
Save space in your child's bedroom
Covers are removable for easy cleaning.
Furniture that grows with your child. 

                    futon bunkbed

Futons for Vacations Homes
Flexible, casual furniture for open living spaces
Easy to open sofas for extra sleep space
Casual easy to clean coverings
Redecorating in a snap
Light weight and moves easily when needed 

Futons create a casual cozy place to sit or sleep in any space you need it to go.  Covers come off for cleaning. Many are washable while others need dry cleaning. Change you mind or change of season just get a new cover without replacing the entire couch. Need to move it to a new room, futons are lighter in weight and move without any trouble unlike a traditional heavy sleep sofa. Don't have to worry about where it's going because it can go anywhere. Don't need a moving crew. Stairs and small doorways don't matter when you are moving a futon.

Price points can vary depending on the type and quality of the frame and mattress. The better built ones cost more but offer a better value. They last longer and more comfortable.                                               

futon with matching tables

 Anywhere you might need more floor space and extra sleeping space is good for using a futon. They give flexible use a new name. Easy to open and use as bed and comfortable as an everyday sofa. Try looking at what's available in futons today.