Buying A Futon? Know Your Room Dimensions...

Buying a futon or bed for your extra room or any room? Take measurements before you go shopping or at least before you purchase. This is critical for getting the right size futon for your space. All too often customers think they know or guess what will fit in a room. Then they go purchase a sofa, futon or bed to find it won't fit in the room. Most of the time you can't return your purchase and then what? Why not head off the problem by simply measuring your space before shopping? Its' easy, saves time, and best of all money.

How futons can solve your space problems.

1. Smaller than a standard bed when closed. 

2. Can go where other furniture items won't fit: around corners, up stairs, through small hall ways.

3. Comes in many different sizes and can fit along a wall, free standing in your room, or fits from the wall out into room taking up less wall space.

When purchasing your new futon the overall size refers to the outside dimensions not the size the bed is when open. Example, most full size futons run between 79in up to 84in. This can vary depending on the width of the actual arm. The measurement is taken from outside arm to outside arm. The inside space for a full is 75in and is taken inside the arm. Also think about the size of your room at home. Furniture generally will look smaller in a store than the actual piece will in your home. I'm always hearing from customers, "I didn't realize how big my futon was until it got in my room."

Since futon sizes can vary, Please call one of our stores or visit our web site for the size of the futon you are interested in.

Doing some homework before you go shopping for your new futon will make your shopping experience easier. Having dimensions, colors in mind, how you will use your new futon will keep you from making costly mistakes. Happy shopping...
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