Secrets To Making Your Futon Look As Good As It Feels...

Dear Futon Lady,

I purchased a futon from your store years ago and I love it except for one thing: mine doesn't seem to look as nice as the ones in the store. It feels great and I spent a little more on the cover because it looks so nice in the room. But my mattress always seems to slide down and the cover bunches up in the middle. What's your secret?

-In need of a quick fix

Dear In need of a quick fix,PRETTYFUTON

Your problem is very common and has a very simple, quick fix! We use an eco-friendly soy based rug gripper underneath most of our mattresses on the floor. They are much stickier than what you find at most stores. This keeps your mattress from slipping forward on the frame.

The second part of the problem could be the sloppy look you can get with some lose weave fabrics made into futon covers. Covers are made with a small amount of extra fabric so when you open the futon to a bed there is enough materistraighten futon coveral to lay flat. When the frame is in an upright position the fabric needs a little tucking in at the middle seam between the back and seat. This will give a nice crisp look to your sofa.

We sell do sell grippers at our Memphis store. We also would be happy to show you how we tuck our covers to make our frames look nice. Stop by either store and one of our sales staff will be happy to assist.