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Man Cave Rooms and Ideas

describe the imageA man cave for you with all the comforts you deserve created at an affordable price. A room to get a way from it all after a long day at work. We at the futon store can help you accomlish this... 

Your place to relax, read or watch TV in your own get a way. Your man cave bedroom has that warm, inviting and functional feel in a male oriented room. You can spend thousands of dollars designing this room, or NOT, with the Futon Store’s help! At an affordable budget, we can help give you the look you desire…

Creating a quiet space to watch your flat screen TV or work on your lap top makes this room the perfect setting. A futon adds comfortable seating and a comfortable bed when extra sleep space is needed or you want a nap.  Add whatever you like for relaxation and you'll all set. The Futon Store-Memphis can help create your space within your budget.

describe the image 

 Furnish your Man Cave

Check Out The Futon Collection

Check Out The Bean Bag Collection

Futons come in all different sizes to fit any room:

The Futon Store


frame sizesChair & 28" Ottoman (converts to 75"L x 28"W)

Twin Chair & 39" Ottoman (converts to 75"L x 39"W)

Twin Chair Lounger (converts to 75"L x 39"W)

Loveseat & 54" Ottoman (converts to 75"L x 54"W)

Loveseat Lounger (converts to 75"L x 54"W)

Full (converts to 75"L x 54"W)

Queen (converts to 80"L x 60"W)



There’s no need to purchase a separate warranty. All of our furniture products come with a warranty. Ask us for details.