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Protective Covers

You need a good water proof and allergen free cover to protect any mattress and you don't want it to crinkle or sleep hot. We have the right solution to that problem. Protective covers that are thin fabric, don't sleep hot and are machine washable. Make sure you protect your investment by keeping you new mattress clean with one of our special undercovers. We have all sizes in stock. From $49-$99. Protected mattress give better support over time... 

The Futon Store- Memphis


We also have fabric washable covers for your futon mattress. Protection from kids, pets, or common spills. Don't let moisture ruin your futon mattress too. Protect your mattress from allergins, bacteria, dust mites and more. Add one of these to keep your futon or bed mattress looking and feeling like new.

Sizes (Futon Mattresses):
Chair (& 28" Ottoman)
Twin Chair (& 39" Ottoman)
Loveseat (& 54" Ottoman)

Sizes (Bed Mattresses):
XL Twin

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