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Adjustable Queen Mattress and Frame.

Adjustable Queen Frame and Mattress

Adjustable Queen Frame
& Memory Foam Mattress


Your bed is more than just a place to sleep-from reading, to watching TV, to working, to simply relaxing. Serta's adjustable foundations allow you to adjust the head or foot of the mattress, allowing you to adjust your bed to your lifestyle. Frame comes in extra long twin, queen, and king size only.

Ease Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Elevating your head and feet can help alleviate body pressure, helping your muscles to relax after a long day giving you a more relaxed night's sleep.

Experience A Deeper Sleep

Elevating your head and feet can also help to increase blood flow to your muscles to improve circulation, helping to reduce tossing and turning for a deeper, more restful sleep. Plus, elevating the head the head of the mattress can help open up airways to reduce disruptive snoring and help reduce uncomfortable acid reflux.

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