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Daybed or Futon for Your Spare Room?

Have you been thinking about using a day bed or futon in your spare room? Which do you think would work best? There are some basic differences in the look of the two and in the feel. Daybeds come in a variety of styles and sizes but look like a bed. Futons are like a sofa that opens to a bed.

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Futons on the Go Go

On the move for the holidays in your RV, Mobile Home or 5th Wheel? Futons move easily when you're on the go in your mobile home. Get comfortable and sleep well while visiting family and friends. Add drawers for storage so everything you'll need will be in one place while on the move.

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Searching for a Futon in Memphis

Need a futon and just started looking? Who is it for, you or your kids? Do you need it larger or smaller, cheap sleep or a nicer more decorative one? We have them all in our store or online. Futons fit the needs of many. Use a futon as a spare room bed for occassional use or it can be your living room sofa that happens to open to a comfortable bed. It fits both needs with comfort and style. The futon store specializes in everything you need for your futon. Covers, mattresses, and frames can be purchased as a set or each piece can be bought seperately.  

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Futon or Daybed?

Daybeds double as a small loveseat or full time twin bed. They take a regular bed mattress and can sometimes accommodate a trundle bed underneath or additional sleep space. Drawers also can go under a daybed for extra storage. A captains day bed where a  trundle bed and drawers go underneath is another type of daybed. The total bed height is higher to make room for both. Daybeds make an excellent place to lounge or take a nap during the day but do not have the comfort level as a regular sofa or futon to use for everyday seating. Futons are available in more sizes than either a day bed or trundle. And futons give excellent seating and sleeping space.

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Futon Bunk Beds, Daybeds & Futons...

Looking to redo your Kids bedroom? Kids need their own space with furniture designed for their comfort and needs. Today there are so many cute ideas for both boy and girls rooms. You want furniture that's both sturdy and will grow with your child. Extra sleeping and storage space is always a plus. Futon furniture allows for storage drawers and trundles to be added under many pieces.

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