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Futons: Value vs Cost

Why is a futon a great value? Buy a well made futon and you get a versatile sofa-sleeper that will be used for years to come. Everything on a futon is interchangable. Tired of the cover or look, get a new one. Your futon Mattress wears out, get a new one.  What other piece of furniture can you get that works like this? A good sofa-sleeper can be costly $1000 or more while A well made futon with a decent mattress can cost from $500 and up. The $200 ones are usually poorly made metal or metal wood combinations with thin futon matts. Only a good choice for short term use. They won't last and even if they do, you won't want a cheap futon in your home or apartment. Why would you want to feel the bars on the seat?

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