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Futons for Tight Spaces & Small Places

Posted on Thu, Jun 19, 2014

   Small spaces, loft apartments, and tight places require just the right furniture to make it seem larger and more functional. Futons are perfect for giving you living and sleeping space all in one spot. Drawers placed underneath give you extra storage too. Something like a steamer trunk or coffee table with baskets with inside storage are important. Folding or drop leaf dining tables and small scale chairs work well to make your area more usable.small cabinet unit

   Futons can go almost anywhere because they can be taken and carried into your room and assembled on site when needed. Upstairs, around corners or through a small doorway, no Problem! We have seen many customers disappointed when that nice sofa sleeper arrived from a furniture store or decorators and it just wouldn't go where it was suppose to because of the size and shape of a hallway or doorway.full futon with drawers

   Did you know that futons can come in almost any size? Get a chair, twin chair, loveseat, full, or queen that is a comfortable place to sit as well as sleep. Drawers can be placed underneath for convenience. Some frames have side panels for books or to stow things away too. If you do get something smaller than the usual full or queen you'll need an ottoman or pull out lounge piece to be able to use as a bed. The same comfortable mattresses and covers are available in all these different sizes too.

   Tight or small spaces no longer need to be sparse and unusable. With the right furniture you can have a well decorated and comfortable space to sit, work, or sleep in. Don't be afraid to explore different decorating ideas. Decorating can be fun and functional with the just the right pieces of furniture. Futons really fit the bill.

   Lofts, tiny bedrooms, small cabins, and any upstairs that are hard to reach are the places that futons can help create more a useful space and work well. Remember futons arms can offer different options like arms with a built in magazine rack or a shelf for using when a side table won't fit. New options are always being added.

   If you just need someplace  comfy to sit on, to read, or to watch TV our big bean bag is great for any age. Ours opens to a bed and comes in many different sizes and colors. Adults as well as kids love them and find them comfortable. Easy to clean and great to lounge on. This is the perfect complement as a chair for your futon!

.big bean bags with a bed

   The futon store and more is the right place to shop for that perfect futon sofa or small useful furniture that will let you enjoy your small space. Come by and shop with us today or go to our online catalog futonstore-memphis.com. Call us for prices and shipping information at 901-372-8055.

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