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Customer Comments About Futons

Posted on Wed, May 28, 2014

   Every week customers are coming back into our store or calling to let us know how much they love their futons. I just love it when customers let us know how our products are working for them. We wanted to share some of these stories with you. If you are a little worried about getting a futon or don't think one is right for you, you need to read this.futon with drawers

   "Best Piece of furniture I'v ever had. Coming in today to replace my futon mattress after 9 years." - George

Love it! He also has gotten 2 covers from us.

   "I went to the furniture store that's next door to you on Saturday to look for a sleeper sofa. Didn't find them comfortable and they were very expensive, so I decided to pop in here. Brought my daughter in today to look with me and we found just what we were looking for. I was surprised at how nice futons are and sorry I hadn't been in before. I know I am going to love what I just bought. I'll be sure to let you know what I think after I have delivered next week." - Mrs Smith

   "I just had a store try to deliver a sleeper sofa I had ordered a month ago for my upstairs den. The delivery guys told me it won't fit without taking out a wall. I had to send it back and am very upset! A friend told me about this store and that I should drop by and take a look at your futons. I would have never come in here if this hadn't happened and I am really surprised by your futons. I have found one equally as nice and a little cheaper than what I just sent back. It is really comfortable and I can't believe I got the same cover as what was on the piece I had to return. I'm really excited about being able to get it this week. Thank you so much for your help." - Carolyn 

   "Just called to let you know how great your delivery guys are. They delivered on time and brought everything assembled. They were polite when I decided I wanted the futon on the other side of my room and they had to move it again. My room looks great, just like it came out of Home and Garden. Thanks so much. I will definitely recommend you to my friends." - Amanda W.
full futon

   These comments are so common we thought we'd share. Looking online, I see decorators using futons in all kinds of rooms and situations. They are most often used in family rooms, home offices, or that spare room you just don't know what to do with!  This time of year we seem to sell to a lot for lake homes, boats, and RV's. For some reason, people seemed surprised by that. You want practicality and comfort in these places at afforadable prices and a futon is perfect in all those areas.

   There are some really good decorating sites for any room you want to redo. The Home and Garden site and Houzz are my favorites. Take a look for some inspiration on what to do with your area. Really neat ideas that are easy to copy.

   Your best bet for buying a good futon is to go to a brick and mortor store that specializes in futons and mattresses. Speak with someone that knows the product. You'll get the best advice as to what will work best for your situation. This may cost a little more or not, but you will get a better product and will be happier over time. Sometimes buying cheap costs more in the long run. When it doesn't work out and you have to buy something else, you end up spending more money than buying a good futon to begin with.

   Shop smart and buy wisely. We are specialist in futons, platform beds, and kids furniture. You can stop by our store any day or give us a call at 901-372-8055 for information and help. We sell locally in the Memphis area and we also ship any where in the continental US.

   Check out our website at www.futonstore-memphis.com to see our current line up.


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