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How to Find the Perfect Futon For You

Posted on Thu, Apr 24, 2014

   There are several questions I always ask customers to help them focus on what they need before purchasing a futon. Price tags alone will not give you the full story. Because futons can be modular and customizable, questions like the following are important for helping you to understand what you might need.tray arm futon


What size will fit in your space?

Who is going to ultimately use the futon?

Will the futon be used more for Sitting or Sleeping?

If a smaller one is needed-Is there room for an ottoman?

What price range are you looking for?

Color or finish that would work best with your decor?

   Answering these simple questions will help you find the perfect futon for your needs and in your price range.

   Don't be put off when our sales staff asks you questions. Don't look at price tags alone because they do not give you all the possibilities. Customers are always just looking, We know that! We also want you to feel comfortable walking around our store, But if you won't tell us what your needs are you might miss the perfect solution at a price you can afford and would be happy to have. It might not be obvious by only looking at what you can see on the sales floor!!! This is not true in other stores.twin chair futon and ottoman

   Example: You see a full size futon on our floor with our most expensive foam mattress and a beautiful print cover and pillows. You see a price tag of $800. But, this same frame with another type of good mattresses and cover might only be $495 (the price you wanted to pay) the way you want it to look. Without letting a salesperson speak with you, You walk out of the store not knowing the other important information and thinking we are too expensive or do not have what you want.

   We are an informational store not a pushy one. Telling us up front what you might be looking for will point you in the right direction. Get educated and find the perfect look and piece for your space.

Stop in our store or call for information and we will be glad to help you. Futons are very different from what they were years ago. Styles, finishes, and covers are constantly changing. See the latest in styles and comfort levels today.

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